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WHAT WE DO: Travel Staff takes the burden of sifting through a myriad of resumes from potential candidates from your plate, with a promise to only send you the best candidate recommendation to work for your company.

OUR PROCESS: We personally meet with each candidate, screening, interviewing and asking the “right” questions to ensure we have a perfect match. We then test their skills (based on type of work required). And when we find the right candidate to recommend, we forward you their resume, to set up an interview with your HR department.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Specialized service in finding qualified employees that fit the needs of your Travel Business. Prompt response time to your inquiries with a guarantee of finding the perfect match, or you don’t pay.

Understanding the Travel & Hospitality industries is unique.

We thoroughly assess each candidate’s skills, depending on the type of job we’re looking to fill. Therefore, GDS testing is on the top of our lists for Travel Agents (Corporate, Leisure and/or Entertainment). Destination knowledge is scrutinized for Tour Operator Travel Specialists. And we ask for examples of proven success in Analytical & Forecasting skills for all Hotel Sales Manager applicants. We conduct a thorough screening on all candidates we submit to you for your hiring consideration.

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