Travel Staff's Temporary Solutions introduces GASM
(Group Air Specialists for Meetings)

We are excited to introduce our new service to clients who book Meetings & Events. Many corporations have an in-house Meeting Planner, who manages logistics from hotel rooming lists, to meeting space, A.V. and food & beverage. Other meetings are managed by Independent Meeting Planners. But what if you don't have an in-house travel department and your travel agency does not offer a dedicated travel agent? What if Meetings & Events is your primary business and you don't have travel agency support? How do you get your employees/guests to your event?

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We have the solution: GASM. Travel Staff has a talent pool of group air specialists that can handle all your airline bookings, airport transfers and reconciliation for your events! Build your customer booking engine. Our agents are available to book flights prior and up to the day of the event. And they will work onsite to help during registration, overseeing schedule changes or flight cancellations. Don't let your valuable people (VIPs) waste their time trying to change flights during your event. Airlines are understaffed and under pressure. Wait times can be as long as 6 hours.

Our GASM team will even assist in post-event duties such as reconciling your air travel expenses for your groups. Contact us today for more information!


Your dedicated travel agent is with you ONSITE at your event.

Flight changes, schedule changes, ticketing, reissues, all handled on the spot.

Your event and your attendees are too important not to have this service.

VIP Time Saver

Don’t frustrate your VIPs with time consuming changes to travel arrangements.

Your dedicated travel agent works with you leading up to the event and is there with you ONSITE during your event. Armed with native SABRE, changes are made instantly.

Our Temporary Staffing Solutions include:

  • A qualified Group Air Travel Agent (working remote, pre/post event, then onsite during your event)
  • Airline booking reservation system (SABRE GDS)
  • Post event reconciliation services
  • 24hr After Hours Services (additional fees apply)

Client Testimonial

WELLA Company

``Travel Staff is accommodating, patient, and has a wealth of resources. Great to work with amongst our internal corporate delays! Was able to suggest transportation companies in the city our event was taking place. And was willing to also assist with coordinating the transportation in addition to flight bookings. At the last minute at company request Travel Staff was also able to suggest Travel Insurance options due to the uptick in covid cases. Although we didn’t move forward with it, the research and information provided was greatly appreciated with the short notice and limited timeframe we requested the information in. The onsite support and representation of the same staff that booked travel was great to have. Thank you Travel Staff!``

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