Welcome to Travel Staff’s TEMP SOLUTIONS, designed to support Travel Companies to fill temporary roles. Let us help you find what you’re looking for. If you need it, we’ve got it. If we don’t, we’ll find it.

The Talent provided for Temp Assignments are frontline and back-office support individuals. Travel agents (Corporate or Leisure), Ticketing Agents, Support Agents, and TRAMS specialists. Assignments are filled with a minimum, one-month requirement. If an Employer is satisfied with a Temp’s performance, they have the option to hire the agent permanently.

Choosing The Right TEMP For Your Business

We maintain a talent pool of veteran travel agents with expertise in different fields.
Therefore, you have options to pick the right type of travel agent you need to fit your business culture.

Corporate Travel Agent:

Strong GDS proficiency, with experience working in a fast-paced environment, managing Corporate Travel itineraries (domestic and international).

Entertainment / Production Travel Agent:

With a minimum of 2 years experience managing Entertainment travel, these agents possess strong multi-tasking skills with a keen eye for detail. Ability to effectively handle many moving parts including: hotel rooming lists, direct billing, ground transportation, cargo, and airline negotiated fares.

Group Ticketing Agent:

Proficient in ticketing, including pricing/faring contractual airfares, ticket exchanges, reconstructing fares and filing refunds.

Don't Believe Us, See What Our TEMPS Say:

“I've had a great experience with Travel Staff. In a short period of time they were able to find a perfect project that fit my skillset. The project was initially set for a few weeks, and has turned into a long-term project. The team at Travel Staff have been professional and a pleasure to work with - especially Imelda & Sylvia.”

– Carol Smith

“I hold Travel Staff in high regard due to their genuine professionalism and expertise - along with sincere, honest, kind and caring individuals such as Imelda Bermudez. I would recommend this top- notch company to anyone who is seeking job placement within the travel industry.”

– Michelle Johnson

"I've been associated with Travel Staff for many years. As a temp employee, I have been offered choice assignments at a very fair pay scale and they always had another position lined up immediately after the assignment was to end. I have enjoyed their monthly socials and I consider them all friends. It's truly a family that I have enjoyed working with."

– Robert McKee

“Thank you so much for helping me find great opportunities. You always match my interests and abilities for the perfect position. I am so grateful to have this great relationship with all of the staff members.”

– Theresa Robinson

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