We understand that creating a good resume is difficult. Especially, when your niche market is the travel industry. So, how do you prepare a resume that is going to cut through the clutter of resumes on an HR Manager’s desk? Easy. You hire a travel industry professional.

Introducing Travel Staff Resumes.

Our Fee is $295 and includes:

  • Refreshing your resume
  • Updating your LinkedIn profile
  • 1-hour consultation with a resume consultant to achieve the following:
    1. Show real achievements with measurements
    2. Use key words to stand out in AI searches
    3. Identify/Describe your soft skills
  • 30min (additional consultation) for you to approve your new resume.

Book a session with one of our Resume Contractors today!

Introducing Sarah Crosby.

Travel Staff’s in-house resume consultant. Sarah is a travel industry veteran with 30 years experience. She has completed her HR course at UCLA and has taken numerous resume writing courses, fine tuning her skills needed to make resumes stand out.

Additional Services

This suite of services will be added to the initial $295 cost.

  • Create new resume from scratch = $200
  • Photo enhancement = $50
  • Cover Letter = $100 (per letter)

Other Services

  • Career Coaching (Minimum 5 sessions @45min per session) = $ 750
  • Interview Coaching = $ 150