Networking Salutations

I miss networking. I miss going to industry events; meeting new people, catching up with colleagues, and learning new things. But most of all, I miss the rush of walking into an event space, scanning the room, searching for the area we all go to first …. the bar.

My heart skips a beat. I catch my breath. My brisk walk turns into fast-paced steps as I begin to see other attendees charging in the same direction. Must. Redeem. Drink ticket.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The best part of attending these events is to network and meet new, potential clients. However, some of our best meetings have occurred at the bar. Is it because we’re in a relaxed setting and have found a way to break the ice with people we hope to conduct business with in the future?

And, how do we celebrate this new camaraderie? Simple. We propose a toast to new beginnings by clinking our glasses. Our 5 Senses are being stimulated: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound (the clink). But, wait. We don’t say, “Toast”!
What do we say?

Other countries have a word they use when drinking. But America doesn’t have its own word to celebrate a toast or wish someone good health/happiness. In England, they say, “Cheers”. In France, the word is “Sante”.

Mexico: “Salud”.
Italy: “Chin Chin”
Japan: “Kampai”
Israel: “L’chaim”
Germany: “Prost”
Scandinavia: “Skal”
China: “Gambai”
Ireland: “Slainte”

It seems here in the land of amber waves of grain, Americans have adopted the English salutation of “Cheers”. But, what if we had our own word? What would it be?

I challenge you to find a good word that we can say as we clink our glasses and toast. We will pick the 5 best suggestions from our readers and the winners will each receive a free wireless car charger for your cell phone.

Simply send your “word” idea to:
The winners will be notified directly and posted on next month’s newsletter. Let’s have fun with this!

And remember, as we continue to network and build new business relationships with our own salutation, let’s not forget that these partnerships may end up becoming lifelong friendships. “Salud”!