What if Marital Anniversaries Were Treated like Annual Reviews in the Workplace?

Time marches on, and no one is immune to it. Before we know it, we’re celebrating a milestone anniversary. What if we celebrated them the same way we conduct annual reviews?  They say communication is key, if you know the expectation, you can meet goals. Here are some fun samples, based on anecdotal data, no names have been used to protect the innocent.

What went well this year?

Kept shoe population under 100 pairs

Kept TV sports viewing under 100 hours

In what area did I excel/need improvment?                

Emptied trash/without being asked

Did not go outside the house in my favorite baggy shorts

Ironed only the front of my shirt

Hemmed dress with scotch tape (bad news when it rains)

What can I do to improve my rating in this area next year? 

Control body odors/sounds

Limit myself to one dessert

What are your most important goals for the coming year?

Keep shoe population under 100       

Keep TV sports viewing under 100 hours

How can I be more helpful to the team? 

Remember birthdays AND celebrate them appropriately

Wash dishes (put them away for extra credit)

What skills or interests do you have that we haven’t made the most of?

Ability to fall asleep anywhere

High endurance levels – able to binge watch entire seasons

Ability to lose weight by cutting out 1 beer a day