What Can Travel Staff’s “First Thirstdays” Do For You?

It seemed like a good idea at first. Meeting on the first Thursday of the month at a local watering hole to share ideas, swap stories, make connections in a relaxed casual environment.

The first event was fun, and gave us the opportunity to meet people face-to-face that we ordinarily would only know via phone or email.  But at the second event, something happened. People were talking to each other. It turns out that Rebecca handles gifts/special occasions for VIP clients and Lucia owns a company that creates unique gifts for clients. Jane knows Paige, who is looking for a temp gig, and Jim has a temp position open. We began to see how connected we all are and we started sharing ideas and contacts.

So, while it seemed like a good idea at first, it turned out to be a GREAT idea!

Later our friends at a hotel, hosted our event, and we made even more connections! The corporate sales manager met with the VIP travel arranger for one of his biggest clients. The ever-enterprising Jane, referred her friend Sally for a new job, and she got it!

First Thirstdays can help you meet people who are good to know, can help you grow your network, and be fun while you’re doing it. Travel Staff not only puts the right person in the right job, they help bring people together.

A new month with a first Thursday is coming up, join us!