Travel Staff Casts a .NET

Why .net? Why not?  .com is “SO 2002”. We’re Trendsetters! And we’re going to blow up  At the beginning of the year, we evolved from TVL Staff to Travel Staff, changing our name and our logo. The final step of our evolution was to change our domain and to finalize the new    look and feel of our website.

We thought about, but that would have made our URL so “average”.  Instead, we decided to choose a URL that best described our business: The Better Choice. I mean, really. Why be beige when you can be fuchsia?

Clearly branding ourselves as Travel Staff, we know that our network is most important.  In this day and age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence, our Human Network continues to perform extremely well.

Yes, we are investing in Technology.  But we are spending more on People. How?

  • By launching our “First Thirstday” monthly social gatherings, to keep our ears open and listen to our industry friends and colleagues.
  • We’ve joined the American Staffing Association, MPI and LABTA. And we’ll continue to join more associations to keep us learning and networking, because these important partnerships provide access to greater technological research, systems and trends.
  • By relying on the network connections we’ve built in our tenure to give us the inside track on industry expansions and declines. Any movement is an opportunity for us to find a new client or to find new talent, and we want to be the first in line!

It’s probable that your HR department can’t be as active in assembling talent as we are. So, why not ask them to take a short cut and call us? We will help search and find the right human puzzle piece for your team. We’re not here to compete with your HR department, we are an added enhancement. In this firm job market, you need every advantage to land the right candidate. Travel Staff can help.

Check us out on our newly designed website:!   What have you got to lose?