The Art of Temp Work

Why are some people happy with temp work? Could you be happy as a temp? What is the ‘art’ of temp work? There are as many reasons to be a temp as there are sprinkles on a donut. Is temping for you?

Employment trends indicate a rise in part time/ temporary work and a reduction in full time positions. This gives employers an opportunity to get to know an employee, and see how well they do. Often times the part time / temp position gives you a crack at a job that wouldn’t ordinarily be available, and presents you with an advantage at landing it full time.

The most obvious advantage is that it frees you up to do other things. This is an important consideration. Are you an aspiring artist, writer, actor, astronaut? A temp or part time position would give you the flexibility to go to school, attend auditions or go to space camp. Maybe you have young children and need to be home early enough to collect them from school, take them to extracurricular activities, bake cookies, be a den-mother/scout leader, supervise homework? Maybe you’re not qualified, yet, for the job of your choosing. You can temp, while you study for your certification.

How about a break from full time work? Here’s your chance to keep busy for a few hours a day, or for a month or more, at a time. The employer gets the benefit of an experienced professional to help them through a busy period or season.

Here’s another consideration, what if ‘THE’ job you want is not currently open, and you want to remain available, until it is? Part time work is for you!

Free time, the ability to study to obtain a more lucrative position, and spending quality time with your family also provides a great health benefit due to reduced stress and the potential for fulfillment. THAT, my friends, is the art of temping!

It’s worth serious consideration, that is why it is important to have professional guidance. A recruiter who is consultative is essential in helping you make the right decision. Choose wisely. We’re Travel Staff and we’re waiting to help you.