The Art of Temp Work

What is the ‘art’ of temp work? There are as many reasons for temping as there are sprinkles on a donut. Is temping the solution for your office? Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Employment trends indicate a rise in part time/ temporary work and a reduction in full time positions. This gives employers an opportunity to get to know an employee, and see how well they do. Oftentimes the part time / temp position provides an opportunity to work at a job that wouldn’t ordinarily be available.  The temp has an advantage at landing the position full time, and you get someone who already knows the ropes; a win-win!

A great advantage is that you get the chance to hire someone fresh out of college or new to the workplace and you can train them, mold them to your workplace procedures and policies. Even if you don’t hire them full time, they gain the experience, and you get relief during a peak season. No need to untrain old habits. Travel staff has a 30day minimum for temps. We came upon this because studies indicate that you need at least this long to become proficient, and it also allows sufficient time to accurately assess an employee.

Here’s another consideration, if your industry has historical busy seasons, or if you have a season where multiple employees take vacation time (i.e. summer, the holidays) wouldn’t it be great if you could recall the same person who helped you out a few months ago?  THAT, is the art of temping!

It’s worth serious consideration, that is why it is important to have professional guidance. A recruiter who is consultative is essential in helping you make the right decision. Choose wisely. We’re Travel Staff, and we’re waiting to help you.