PMS……last but not least…….

We know the terror of bursting a ticketing queue with over 200 travelers. We know the anxiety of not meeting room night minimums, the horror of not being able to get seat 2A for your CEO, Star, or Movie Director/Producer.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to choose someone from a team of experts? Someone with the diversified skills needed just for you? Travel Staff maintains a team of PMS agents ready to deploy to you. Whether you need temporary or permanent placement, I am here to make staffing easier for you.

It’s hard not to get excited about an industry that has been an intrinsic part of your life. THIS, is the element that gives Travel Staff an edge over other recruiters. Every team member of Travel Staff has an extensive travel background. We have literally been there, done that. We know your business and business needs. Sometimes your budget doesn’t allow for a full-time permanent employee. Sometimes you just need someone to help your team with sweeps, or a recognition event, or a companywide meeting. Hiring staff on a ‘per project’ basis is also gentle on your budget, who doesn’t like that? *

Are you out of breath?

Call us so that we can show you what Travel Staff can do for you specifically. I’m not just talking to hiring managers now. I’m also talking to you {yeah, YOU!} …the Agents! If you think you are ready to join our crack team of specialists, click on the PMS tab on our website and send me your resume today!

*Note: temporary staffing available in NY and CA only