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2021 Newsletters

Dec 2021 Vol. 46

Featured articles: 2021 Recap / Where have all the jobs gone? / IMEX Las Vegas / Hello, Dear World

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Nov 2021 Vol. 45

Featured: Thanksgiving Thoughts / Where Are the Workers? / What is an ATS / Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

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Oct 2021 Vol. 44

Featured Articles: ...in the time of Covid / Mask on? Mask Off? / Hiring in the Age of Covid / Día de Los Muertos

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Sep 2021 Vol. 43

Featured: Why aren’t people going back to their jobs? / Travel Staff Temp Solutions / $30,000/yr Flipping Burgers

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Aug 2021 Vol. 42

Featured articles: 2021 Virtuoso Travel Week / US1 Travel / Job Description Templates

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Jul 2021 Vol. 41

Featured articles: Virtual Vacation is Over / Introducing GASM / What is Nick Reid up to, now?

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Jun 2021 Vol. 40

Featured articles: Returning to a World We Once Knew / The Company Dime / Consolidation and Acquisition

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May 2021 Vol. 39

Featured: Why Recruiters Still Earn Their Pay / When to Take a Chance on an Imperfect Candidate / Where the jobs are

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Apr 2021 Vol. 38

Featured articles: From the mind of Nick Reid / Meet Peter Wells (DragonSlayer) / “My Most Memorable Trip”

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Mar 2021 Vol. 37

Featured articles: MPI ISBO Mentorship Program / Update on Vaccinations / Travel Staff Testimonials

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Feb 2021 Vol. 36

Featured articles: AMEX GBT acquires Ovation Travel Group / A Little More Hurt / A précis on Vaccine Status

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Jan 2021 Vol. 35

Featured articles: Travel Predictions / Economic Predictions / MPI ISBO Co-Chair, Nick Reid

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