It’s Not You, It’s Your Resume

There are articles written daily about the dastardly ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers that just won’t give an applicant an even break. These baddies review your resume for 10 seconds and if they don’t see the right degree, work experience, etc., you are relegated to the reject pile. How dare they not give you a chance.

Well, as a person who reads hundreds of resumes daily, take it from me, your resume is the best way to market yourself, and believe me, few people take advantage of that. If you are applying for a SABRE, travel agent position, your resume should reflect that you are the best SABRE travel agent west of the Pecos, with examples of how you accomplished this feat. “travel coordinator” “managed all aspects of travel” “maintained KPIs” and any number of buzz words du jour does not tell your story. Don’t be a generic travel agent applicant, be the one that stands out. If you’re applying for a luxury travel position, be sure to include the private safari you booked for the Prince of Narnia and mention the vendor network you’ve cultivated over the years.

People lament that all they need is a chance to talk to someone about their experience. If you aren’t getting invited for phone interviews, ask yourself: 

  • Does my resume show my experience as it relates to the job I applied for? 
  • Did I state my experience + achievements + what I did to achieve them? 

If not, go back and rewrite that resume until it does. It’s not always the big, bad ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers who won’t give you a chance, it’s your resume.