Is Your Puzzle Missing a Piece?

Your company needs a new agent, account manager, tech specialist. You cringe as you remember the last time you had a job opening. The online posting boards, the in-house announcements, and the mountain of applications, you were soon buried under. Oh, and don’t forget that after all those hours, days, weeks, of sifting, sorting, discarding, and interviewing, the candidate who interviewed so beautifully didn’t know a thing about the job he was hired for *heavy sigh*.   Don’t feel like the lone ranger. The hiring process for most companies, needs fixing.

The position is for a corporate travel agent – do you have any corporate agent experience? If hiring is an HR function, does your HR person have corporate agent experience? Does ANYBODY involved in the hiring process have ANY corporate agent experience? In most cases, the person hiring only knows what is listed in the job description. That’s why that enterprising fellow was able to ‘wow’ you at the interview.

Yes, you say, but when we used a recruiter, we didn’t fare any better. Who provided the job description to the recruiter? Who was your recruiter? Let me guess, the job description was written by that HR manager who has never stored a negotiated fare or issued a mileage award ticket. Does the recruiting agency you used specialize in travel positions? Think about it.

So, let’s say your company is a travel agency puzzle, and the opening is the missing piece. You need to find the piece that will fit, but first you need to look in the right place. Choose a recruiter who specializes in travel puzzles. Next, make sure your job description is accurate and complete. If you need a green piece, make sure to include that. Otherwise, your travel recruiter might send you a parade of blue pieces, and we all know how that ends.

The right recruiting agency will be staffed by people with an extensive travel background. Whether it’s Corporate travel, Luxury/Leisure travel, Airline account management, Airport Agent, Production travel or Meetings/Incentive travel – they’re been there, done that.  It is this background that makes them an invaluable hiring partner. They can help you write the job posting. They will sort through all the applicants and weed out the dreamers {those who aspire to be in travel but don’t know a log-in from a PNR}. They will contact the person you choose to hire, and they will send ‘regrets’ notification to those you didn’t {that’s always hard to do, wouldn’t it be great not to have to do it?}

Do I have your attention? Allow me to introduce you to Travel Staff. Our team is a group of individuals with over 50 years of actual travel experience combined. We have done production travel, sourced meetings and incentive travel, worked at the airport, managed a team of account managers, booked VIP travel – you name it, we’ve done it. We have also managed teams/offices and handled hiring and new hire onboarding. We will consult with you, to understand exactly what you need {think green puzzle piece}. We will screen candidates and send you only the most qualified.

Interested?  There is no cost to you until you hire someone, you have nothing to lose.

Contact us…your completed travel puzzle is only an email away.                                                 424-393-9896