Inner Circle

Welcome to Inner Circle! 


This could be YOU!  

Meet Brenda, she has a friend who was looking for a job in travel. Brenda referred her friend to Travel Staff. Her friend was hired and is happily employed. Brenda is out shopping!  Wouldn’t you like to be like Brenda?



 It’s as easy as 1-2-3 !

To enroll and earn a $200.00 referral fee:

  1. Email us at: – Note INNER CIRCLE in the subject field
  2. Include your name & contact information (phone, email, address)
  3. Have the person you referred email their resume to: with your name and INNER CIRCLE in the subject field.

When your friend/colleague is hired, we will contact you to send your money.You have friends and colleagues, somebody’s bound to be looking! Follow us on LinkedIn  &  Visit our website  to see the jobs we have available.