If It’s Broke……

                                                                          If it’s Broke……….

It’s time for a change, you need a more challenging position, you want to return to the workplace, or you just got your degree and need to accrue some work experience.  You draft your resume and go online to begin the hunt. You find some good prospects, apply and forward your resume. Hours pass, and turn into days, and you don’t hear from anyone. You try to reach out to make sure they received your submission. An email makes its way to your in-box requesting a phone interview. You speak to a disembodied voice that tells you that an interview is forthcoming. Next an in-person interview and you wait. Days, a week, two weeks. Then, great news, they want you! You show up, on time, with shined shoes and freshly shampooed hair and by day’s end, discover that the actual job is completely different from what you were told. Heavy sigh, now what?  It’s not you, this happens often. The hiring process for most companies, needs fixing.

The HR manager and the hiring manager have never worked as a corporate, leisure, or production travel agent. They have only a general understanding of the job. That’s how people end up in the wrong job.

Yes, you say, but even when you contacted a recruiter, you didn’t fare any better. Who do you think provided the job description to the recruiter? Who was your recruiter? Let me guess, the job description was written by that HR manager who has never stored a negotiated fare or issued a mileage award ticket. Does the recruiting agency you used specialize in travel positions? Think about it.

Choose a recruiter who specializes in travel jobs. Otherwise, your recruiter might send you to the wrong job, and we all know how that ends.

The right recruiting agency will be staffed by people with an extensive travel background. Whether it’s Corporate travel, Luxury/Leisure travel, Airline account management, Airport Agent, Production travel or Meetings/Incentive travel – they’re been there, done that. It is this background that makes them an invaluable partner in your quest. They work with the hiring manager to get a clear picture of the job responsibilities and expectations.  They will consult with you, to make sure you know exactly what you’re applying for.

Do I have your attention? Our team is a group of individuals with over 70 years of actual travel experience combined. We have done production travel, sourced meetings and incentive travel, worked at the airport, managed a team of account managers, booked VIP travel – you name it, we’ve done it. We have also managed teams/offices and handled hiring and new hire onboarding. We will consult with you, to understand exactly what you need.

Check out our jobs on our website. Contact us, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.