Does HR do a Good Job at Recruitment?

Your company needs a new agent, account manager, tech specialist. You cringe as you remember the last time you had a job opening. The online posting boards, the in-house announcements, and the avalanche of applications. Hours, days, weeks, of sifting, sorting, discarding, and interviewing. HR sent you a great candidate, he interviewed beautifully but didn’t know a thing about the job he applied for. The hiring process for many companies, needs fixing.

The HR manager plays the critical role in deciding whom to hire.  In general, these are the job responsibilities; hiring, onboarding, managing, and retaining staff.

Let’s say you need a travel agent. Hiring is handled by your HR manager, but does he/she have travel agent experience? Does ANYBODYinvolved in the hiring process have ANYtravel agent experience? In most cases, the person hiring only knows what is listed in the job description.  HR managers can only ask about skills, but many times cannot verify that the candidate actually has the required skills.

So, do you think HR does a good job at recruitment?

It’s time to engage the services of a professional team that specializes in finding talent in your field. They know what to look for, and can determine if a candidate possesses the required skills. They know, because they’re experienced in your field. They have a working knowledge, in all aspects of the job.

Enter Travel Staff. Our team is a group of individuals with over 50 years of actual travel experience combined. We have done production travel, sourced meetings and incentive travel, worked at the airport, managed a team of account managers, booked VIP travel – you name it, we’ve done it. We have also managed teams/offices and handled hiring and new hire onboarding. We will consult with you, to understand exactly what you need.

Our talent is finding yours.