Do You Have a Staff Infection?

Silly headline to get your attention, but a serious topic.

A poisonous staff member can ruin the workplace for everyone else.

What causes a staff member to become toxic?  It is life, so it should not be surprising that life leaks into the workplace. A bitter divorce, a difficulty with a child, a financial predicament, alcohol or substance abuse.

How do you monitor your team to make sure people are working in harmony?

Some simple methods get overlooked:

  • Drinks after work.
  • A corporate outing to a sports event.
  • A bowling night.
  • Or if budgets are larger, a weekend getaway. Hiring a team builder and conducting exercises.

How often do you “check the temperature” of your team?

You will be surprised at what you can learn if you change the “environment” and make your team interact.

So, tell me.  What do you do to ensure harmony?