Broken Resumes

There you are, searching for your next best job. You have the background, experience, and you have your eyes on the goal, all you need is the job that will get you where you want to go.

Fast forward, two weeks.  You have applied for numerous positions and no one has called you. What is wrong with them? Don’t they see what a great candidate you are?  The simple answer is no, they don’t.

Chances are you made your resume all about YOU. The fact is, that you need to make your resume all about the job you are applying for. Don’t bury it with corporate buzz phraseology, tech speak, and three dollar words. Why take up your precious page space with a list of bullet points?

Your resume should detail your experience and give examples of the accomplishments that resulted from putting that experience to good use.

Successful resumes add one more special ingredient. They demonstrate how your experience and accomplishments would be an asset in the job you are seeking.

If you’re applying for a Marketing Position in travel, list your experience and accomplishments in a way that shows a potential employer exactly how you fit in their world. If you are applying for a SABRE, Production travel agent job, do the same thing. List your SABRE proficiency, experience, and give examples of how that experience benefitted your previous employer and stands to benefit your future employer.                                                                                                                         

AND contrary to popular belief, if you have no experience or training in the job, don’t apply. You wouldn’t apply for a pilot’s job if you had never had a flying lesson, right?  Use that same logic for most jobs.

Your resume gives potential employers their first glimpse of you. First impressions are extremely important. Make sure that the impression you put forth is the very best one possible!