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My Damn Crystal Ball

My Damn Crystal Ball by Nick Reid This is going to last longer than people are saying. Re-Opening is not Recovery, it is just the first step. People a...

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The Second Wave

We are getting hit with the second wave of layoffs. People whose salaries were covered by PPP and people who were furloughed in March are now finding ...

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Green Shoots

We are finally starting to see some signs of life returning to the global tourism industry. Southern European nations have opened for general tourism....

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Work Opportunities for Travel Agents

WERE YOU FURLOUGHED OR LAID OFF? If you were furloughed, you are one of the lucky ones who will be called back to work shortly. If you were laid off, ...

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A Tale of Thanksgiving

Are you one of the 54.3 million people who will be traveling on Thanksgiving? If you’re flying, take heart, the smallest group of travelers fly, onl...

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Resume

There are articles written daily about the dastardly ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers that just won’t give an applicant an even break. These...

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