A Tale of Thanksgiving

Are you one of the 54.3 million people who will be traveling on Thanksgiving? If you’re flying, take heart, the smallest group of travelers fly, only 4.7 million of the aforementioned 54.3 million. Still, be prepared for crowded ticket counters, TSA lines, mobs at Peets or McDonald’s and oversold flights. Be sure to keep your phone charger handy, and if possible, take an extra battery or portable charger with you. I’ve seen actual fights break out over electrical outlets at the gate. Remember you cannot carry on two bottles of wine, a small turkey, yes – as long as it fits in your carry-on bag, but no gravy (unless you freeze it solid)

Maybe you’re planning to drive? Well if you are, and plan to leave on the Wednesday before the holiday and return on the following Sunday, you’ll be sharing the highway with 48.5 million people (more than the population of a medium sized country). Be sure to pack some extra patience and add travel time. More people on the road means slower movement, but you know that, you’re an old hand at this. Traveling with kids? You’ll need to think up some clever games to keep them occupied. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have one of those vehicles equipped with screens, online access, and bluetooth headsets so that your little darlings can watch movies and cartoons until their eyeballs are square. If that’s the case, all you have to do is bone up on some scintillating conversation for your spouse, partner, friend, travel companion.

Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination (grandma’s, aunt’s, mom’s, dad’s, etc.)  house, ready to dig into the turkey and all the fixins. NOTE: you should also pack some interesting anecdotes, and conversation points for the dinner table – but NO politics talk allowed. That’s how uncle Morty ended up with a bloody nose and cousin Howie with a sprained wrist, remember?  

Ah, then there is Friday – National Football day with leftovers – some may prefer to hit the stores for the Black Friday sales. Be forewarned, there are many crazed bargain hunters out there, shop defensively! 

Saturday *sigh* you may find yourself running out of clever repartee – but don’t worry, you’re leaving tomorrow. You have an excuse to retire to your shared quarters, early.

Sunday, at last! You hit the road or dash to the airport – time to go home and suddenly, you are once again filled with the spirit of thanksgiving. Thankful to have family worth holiday travel and thankful to have a home to return to.  Here’s wishing you all something spectacular to be thankful for!