A Dentist and A Proctologist Walked Into A Bar…

Choose Your Recruitment Firm Carefully.

Not all Recruitment firms are created equally.

They all sound the same, isn’t self-promotion wonderful?

But the reality is we are as different as comparing one travel agency with another.

For example, there are anumber of recruitment firms based out of Canada now chasing American business.  Yes, they call themselves North American, but they are not based in the United States and they have no knowledge of U.S. hiring laws, H.R. laws, health benefits etc. Isn’t the web wonderful?

It obscures borders, but it also allows imposters to play the field.  Who can blame a Canadian company for reaching across our border?  Our market is larger, and our dollar is stronger.  But ask yourself, do you understand Canadian labor laws?  I doubt it.  And they don’t understand American labor laws.Some recruitment firms understand recruitment, but they don’t understand travel.

Would you want your dentist performing your colonoscopy?  Both are doctors, but not all body cavities are the same.

Here is what makes an American Travel Recruitment firm different:

We are Travel Staff.  An American company incorporated in the State of California with our head office in Los Angeles.

We provide the travel industry with permanent placement (recruitment) nationwide, and PMS (Temp) staff solutions in Los Angeles & New York. Collectively, our team has over 100 years’ experience working in the travel industry and HR/Recruitment.

We have worked in the United States and overseas in Corporate Travel, VIP Travel, Production Travel, Airlines, Airports, Meetings & Incentives. We stay up to date on HR, Staffing and Hiring trends.

  • We give back to our industries (Travel & Recruitment) by participating in industry associations. We belong to the Los Angeles Business Travel Association (LABTA) and American Staffing Association (ASA).
  • We contribute to our community by sponsoring an after-school program for “at risk” youth.
  • We use ADP payroll for our PMS (temp) staff who are our employees, placing you at arm’s length from possible employee issues and/or litigation. They are fully covered by our Workman’s Compensation policy.
  • We partner with both SABRE and Amadeus GDS systems, to conduct first-hand testing on all travel staff.
  • We are fully insured as recruiters by Lloyd’s of London.
  • Our Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) provided by Bullhorn, is state of the art in the industry.

We make these investments to provide you, our client, with the best search, the best service and the best candidates. We offer a 90-day guarantee on any permanent placement. With multiple recruiters available, you now have a choice. We hope that you will make US your choice. 

Make sure your travel recruitment firm can tick all the same boxes.

Or better yet, call us and see what we can do for you.  424- 393 -9896

Imelda Bermudez    Imelda@TvlStaff.com